Better Sleep with a Bedroom Makeover


It is often said that a cluttered home indicates a cluttered mind.

If that’s true, your bedroom should never be the culprit.  Your bedroom is your haven, your safe space, your retreat away from the world.  It is the one place you go to relax, unwind, and seek tranquillity from the stresses of everyday life.

So, of course, it should never be a source of stress all on its own.

All too often, the bedroom becomes like an extension of your closet.  Before you know it, it’s become overrun with clutter, miscellany, and yesterday’s still-needs-to-be-folded laundry.  But what we sometimes don’t realise is that a dishevelled abode can bring about anxiety and generate unnecessary stress.

We all know the feeling: you walk into your room, turn on the light, and instantly you’re reminded of that project you’ve been putting off or that dresser you should’ve bought months ago.

Either way, you made your bed and now you have to sleep in it.  There’s just no getting around it: your surroundings have a profound influence on what’s going inside your head. 

By both design and function, your bedroom should be set up in a way that eases your mind.  The decor, the placement of the furniture, the amount of light — all of it plays into your subtle attitudes toward bedtime. 

Quality sleep plays an important role in living a healthy life.  Your bedroom should be a welcoming and relaxing environment that is designed to bring you deep, sound rest — and help you get there quickly, time after time.

For a better night’s sleep tonight, why not give your bedroom a makeover?

Sometimes, a little sprucing up is all you need to completely transform a space from a messy nightmare to an inviting haven.

Reclaim your bedroom today with these useful tips and tricks.

Front & Centre: Redesign What Matters

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom.  It is the object around which everything else coexists.

We have some good news: if you change one small detail about your bed, a massive bedroom improvement can follow.  Simply rethinking the linens, blankets or throw pillows on your bed can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your boudoir space.

You’d be surprised how a new comforter,  throw or linen can work wonders in transforming the decor in your bedroom.  It really can be that quick and painless — and affordable!

Keep a rotation of fresh prints and patterns, mind-easing colors, and plush textures stowed away in your linen closet.  Swap them out periodically for a completely different look and feel to your bedroom — and perhaps it won’t even feel like the same room!

And who doesn’t love the feel of a fresh, clean bed?  Changing out your bed linens regularly is a great way to ensure a better night’s sleep.  There’s nothing like slipping into a tidy bed that’s freshly made with clean sheets.


The Devil is in the Details

It is important to feel a sense of connection with your sleep-space.  It should represent you, express your personal style, and welcome you into it with open arms — and lots of pillows. 

Overlooking details in the bedroom is a sure way to feel out of sorts with where you sleep.  Don’t downplay the importance of addressing messes, clutter, dust, and other unsightly items around your bedroom.

At the end of the day, it’s all about one question: how does your bedroom space make you feel?

Take a second glance — a real, thorough look — at how the room is set up.  How is your furniture arranged?  Is there ample space for moving around or exercising?  Are you fully utilising the windows and natural light?  How is the room decorated?  Does it give you feelings like that of a warm embrace, or is it more abrasive to your subconscious mind?

All of these details affect your overall attitude toward restfulness and ultimately, sleep within your chosen room.  After all, if your sleep-space isn’t conducive to sleep, what kind of space is it really?

If things just don’t feel right (and you’ll know it if they don’t), call your attention to the merits of a makeover.  Maybe a simple bed rearrangement will be enough to do the trick.  Take your time with this process, as you’ll want to do it right the first time.

Surround yourself only with items that ease your mind and promote a sense of restorative relaxation.  Try to eliminate clutter by putting messy items out of sight in drawers and closets.  Fully maximise any not-too-visible storage options available to you.

Organisation is key to creating harmony in your bedroom space.  Perhaps your closets could use a bit of reimagining.  A simple closet revamp can restore the openness of your bedroom by allowing you added space to store miscellaneous items out of sight. 

Before long, you’ll create a peaceful, serene space where you can achieve the restful sleep your body and mind need.

Go with the Flow: Adjusting for Sleep Mood

Your bedroom is a safe place to express yourself.  It’s a great place to display the unique, personal items you curate in the expression of who you are, what you value, and what brings you comfort.

Align your bedroom setup with what is most important to you.  Do you like to draw for relaxation?  Or perhaps you prefer a good book before bed.  Whatever your passion, make sure you’ve got the right dedicated areas in your bedroom so you can indulge in the activities you most enjoy.

Always make sure your bedroom is well ventilated and free of anything harmful or dangerous, like mould, dust, and toxins.  Keeping a clean bedroom is paramount in the quest to sleep soundly.

Try out these tips in your bedroom today.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly your boudoir can transform from shabby to swanky — and get you the quality sleep you deserve.

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  • Matt Maddrell